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REI Transactions is the solution which bridges the gap between receiving a signed contract and closing the deal with title and escrow. Our team of Transaction Coordinators utilize a Custom 75+ Point Checklist to facilitate a faster and smoother close. Communications and documents are centrally managed, and the Investor can view every stage of the closing process as it happens in real time. We hold your hand every step of the way.

Who We Are

REI Transactions Story

  • Built by investors, for investors
  • Contract-to-Close support from your Transactions Team
  • Network of experts
  • Transaction Coordinators
    • Work directly with Attorneys, Title and Escrow officers
    • Highly skilled in contract and document processing
    • Reviews all documents and signatures for completeness and accuracy
    • Respond to requests and questions from all parties

Who YOU Are

Our Customers

  • New Real Estate Investors
    • Contract-to-close, one less thing to learn and track
    • A team of experts, a wealth of information
    • Holding your hand every step of the way
  • Seasoned Real Estate Investors
    • Save time and money by eliminating the virtual assistant or the salary of a full-time personal assistant
    • Real-time updates help keep the focus on closing more deals and making more money
    • Get more out of their marketing dollars resulting in more time to speak to more people

WHY Transaction Management?

Bottom Line Results

  • Close More Deals, Make More Money
  • Doing it all yourself isn’t realistic
  • It’s just good business to outsource and add a team, to your team
  • Less need for a personal assistant
  • More time to spend on marketing
  • Deals that close on time and faster

WHAT is Transaction Management?


Transaction management is fulfilling the requirements of title and escrow from the time your contract is signed to the close of table.

  • Documents
  • Signatures
  • Follow Up
  • Real people
  • Technology

How Does It Work
For YOU?

A Closer Look

  • Our network and relationships
  • Our people, the Transactions Team
  • Partnering with the best... Attorneys, Title & Escrow
  • Technology
    • Central platform for communication and repository of documents
    • Buyer, End-buyer, Seller, & Seller’s Representative
    • Multiple parties
    • At your desk, on the road